Friday, January 31, 2014

conversations with my kids.

Things I want to remember forever. The happy, funny and astounding moments with my kids.

During bath time:

E: "I can't get out of the bath because I have freezing in my body. It's a nice freezing, it's big and strong. I have a freezing in my teeth, there are six"

Me: "Why are there six?"

E: "I just have freezing in my body because I have freezing in my body"

At bedtime, an hour or so later:

E: "There was a baby fly in it's mama's puku. I went to the fly's house and the baby fly came out and said "hello" "

Me:"What did you say to the fly"

E: "I said I have a freezing in my body"

Said to me just before I said goodnight:

"Sometimes I have a baby dragon in my tummy when I go to bed"

Seems that Edie is becoming quite the story teller, weaving tales about anything and everything. She jumps from one thing to another and back again and somehow it all makes (preschooler) sense. 

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  1. I read this to bug and she wanted me to tell it to her again and again and again and... She thought it was great